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2nd AUGUST, 16:15
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The Bourne Ultimatum
dir. Paul Greengrass / USA, Germany 2007 / 115’
subtitles: Polish and English
Hew Horizons of Film Language


Matt Damon, Julia Stiles, David Strathaim, Scott Glenn, Paddy Considine

Film description

The final part of the Jason Bourne trilogy based on Robert Ludlum's best-selling novels. The main character is a professional killer working for a mysterious organisation, related probably to the American intelligence service. After an accident and loss of memory (in the first part), Bourne tries to find out who his employer was, whom he actually killed and who he was before joining the agency. His principals won't wait: they start chasing him.

The Bourne Ultimatum is one of the most skilfully made action films of recent years. The British documentary filmmaker, Paul Greengrass, has made the global conspiracy thriller convention as dynamic as it can get. The film is organised by pulsating rhythm, dynamics of music and frenzied speed with short flashbacks. Three extremely fast and long culmination points - the hunt at Waterloo station in London, the chase on the roofs of Tangier and the street races in New York - are masterpieces of the genre and the fight scenes were nominated to the prestigious MTV Movie Awards. This film is also an excellent example of a contemporary form of the so-called zero style: Hollywood illusionism striving to keep us nailed to an armchair for 115 minutes with absolutely no reflection on the work of 1500 members of the crew.

Jan Topolski

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