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J. Armata, Śnione filmy Piotra Dumały

Jerzy Armata, Śnione filmy Piotra Dumały

Korporacja Ha!art i Stowarzyszenie Nowe Horyzonty,
Kraków-Warszawa 2009, Poza seriami

Piotr Dumała is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating and most recognisable artists of Polish cinema. He has made about a dozen animated films, which have received many prestigious awards at festivals in Poland and abroad. Soon, his first full-length feature film entitled The Forest (Las) will be screened at cinemas. In his animations he uses the traditional drawing technique (e.g. Little Black Riding Hood - Czarny Kapturek, Jittery Life in Space - Nerwowe życie kosmosu) and the plaster-plate technique he himself invented (e.g. Gentle Spirit - Łagodna, Walls - Ściany, Franz Kafka, Crime and Punishment - Zbrodnia i kara). Visual originality in excellent harmony with a soundtrack, precision of the tiniest details and especially the skill to adapt difficult issues for screen in an attractive way - these are the hallmarks of his cinema. He is also active in applied animation, making credits for TV series, broadcasts, festivals, commercials, music videos. He draws for the press, designs book covers and posters for films and theatre performances. Occasionally he acts. The author of numerous short stories, gathered in the book Playing safety razors, and of the comic book Crime and Punishment 1980. He teaches as well at the Łódź film school and elsewhere.

The book Śnione filmy Piotra Dumały will be an attempt to describe this unique art. It will include a critical analysis, but also an interview with the artist, fragments of already published texts on his artistic achievements, texts by his collaborators and friends, documentation of Dumała's work (biofilmography, notes about films, list of awards, bibliography), several short stories and plenty of illustrations (drawings, posters, frames from films, fragments of comic books, pictures).

The publication is related to the retrospective of Piotr Dumała's work which will be presented at this year's International Film Festival ERA NEW HORIZONS in Wrocław.

The publication financially supported by the Polish Film Institute

price: 45 / 36 pln

Official premiere at the 9th IFF Era New Horizons

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- the artist’s website

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