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Bit Shifter - Hexadecimal Genome
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30th JULY, 19:00
31th JULY, 19:00
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8bitpeoples Artist Collective
Showcase of the New York chiptune music scene
Music events and concerts

About the event

A presentation of the chiptune music scene gathered around the New York artist collective 8bitpeoples. Seven crazy artists will play their solo projects, enriched by the video performances of two VJs. The artists explore music composed with 8-bit sound devices such as the Nintendo Game Boy and early Atari and Commodore computers. These are the leading artists of the American 8-bit scene, some of whom are the curators of the most important American festival of 8-bit music Blip Festival. Their music is expressive and experimental, but you will also find a great dose of melody and humor in it!

Music: Bit Shifter, glomag, minusbaby, Receptors, cheap dinosaurs, Nullsleep, Saskrotch. Visuals: Paris and NO CARRIER


Line up:

July 30 th THURSDAY

1. minusbaby & NO CARRIER

2. Nullsleep & Paris

3. glomag & NO CARRIER


July 31 th FRIDAY

1. Receptors & Paris

2. cheap dinosaurs & Paris

3. Bit Shifter & NO CARRIER

4. Saskrotch & NO CARRIER


Bit Shifter

Bit Shifter is a New-York-based musician who explores music composed and performed on a Nintendo Game Boy. The artist's music explores the aesthetics of economy and attempts to push minimal hardware to its maximum. He co-organises the 8bitpeoples Artist Collective and the annual Blip Festival. Bit Shifter has released three albums and given more than 150 concerts all over the world.


Glomag makes music on the Nintendo Game Boy. His claims that his passion for creating sounds originates from an obsession with the Astroboy game. His latest record, DaMaGe, was released by 8bitpeoples at the beginning of 2009. Burke has performed all over the world in various spaces and setups: clubs, museums, galleries, festivals.


Minusbaby is a New-York-based artist and long-time 8bitpeoples member. He trades in counterpoint, subtle dissonances and surprises. Every piece he creates becomes a new variation, revealing completely the characteristic sound of 8-bit electronics.


Receptors is a producer and electronic musician. He founded the pioneer electro-punk band Futurisk and the avant-garde micro-chip group 8-Bit Operators. He uses different systems to create his music: from 8-bit Game Boys, Atari computers, and modified Furbies, to analog synthesizers and prepared guitars.

Cheap Dinosaurs

Cheap dinosaurs is a mix of live synthesizer performance and Game Boy programming on Philadelphia's public transportation system. Blending complex rhythms and catchy melodies, the music is meant to provoke unique patterns of body motion. He has previously played and written for the now defunct band Chromelodeon, is a regular collaborator with bands of a wide range of musical style, and currently plays electric piano in The Private Sea.


Nullsleep is a composer from New York and co-founder of 8bitpeoples, a collective of artists interested in the audio-visual aesthetics of early home computers and game consoles. Bittersweet melodies and driving, rhythmic pulses are coaxed out of small plastic devices to produce a surprisingly intense sound. During the International Chiptune Resistance tour in 2006 he performed in twenty concerts all over the world.


Saskrotch is an experimental artist, successfully combining simple, overlapping 8-bit melodies with complex, fast breaks and vocal parts. In his astonishing compositions, moments of romantic melancholy are deconstructed by a mass of aggressive, unexpected sounds


Paris uses his own custom software to turn handheld game systems such as the GP2X and Game Boy Advance into visual performance instruments.


NO CARRIER is a teacher, programmer and visual artist living in Philadelphia. He reprograms nearly obsolete videogame and computer hardware for use at live music events and installations. He primarily codes for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Commodore 64, creating visual works that incorporate both new and recycled symbols and patterns.

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