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Obowiązkowy film :D
~ bashir
dawne czasy...
~ punaise
rewelacja, ale ostatnio sobie przypominałem.. ;-D
~ psubrat
widziałam wiele razy rok produkcji 1997 (jest błąd w opisie)
~ lovigus
za dużo seksu, za mało sensu
~ Senkacz
pierwsze skojarzenie po przeczytaniu 2 linijek tekstu? brazylijska telenowela xD
~ Sil
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Lost Highway
dir. David Lynch / USA, France 2007 / 135’
subtitles: Polish and English
Special Screenings


Bill Pullman, Patricia Arquette, John Roselius, Michael Massee, Jenna Maetlind, Robert Blake

Film description

Fred Madison is in a crisis. He still desires his wife, Renee, but he cannot satisfy her or stop her from cheating on him. The man is increasingly frustrated and his frustration is enhanced by Renee's pity and disturbing events Fred cannot understand. Finally, he cannot find the border between reality and imagination. His awakening comes only with the accusation of the murder of his wife. After the trial, Fred awaits the death sentence, but one morning there will be, as a guard puts it, some tricks with ghosts: Fred disappears and another man turns up in his cell - Pete, a young man who has nothing to do with this case. When freed, Pete will meet a woman looking exactly like Renee Madison. From now on, the two love stories will seem imperfect reflections of each other.

When making the Lost Highway (1996), the director cooperated with the author Barry Gifford, whose novel had been adapted by Lynch in Wild at Heart (1990). In this horror noir, Lynch revised the romantic myth of desire. This is not a symbol of the perfect adaptation of lovers to each other, but a feature of 'doubles' with no identity nor control. Lynch's film is a sophisticated discourse on the conviction of truthfulness of human desires.

Krzysztof Świrek

The author is this year's laureate of Krzysztof Mętrak Award

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