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dir. Ingmar Bergman / Sweden, Italy, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Austria 2003 / 120’
subtitles: Polish and English
Special Screenings


Liv Ullmann, Erland Josephson, Börje Ahlstedt, Julia Dufvenius, Gunnel Fred

Film description

The last film in Ingmar Bergman's output, made for TV and devoted to his wife Ingrid von Rosen who died eight years before. Saraband constitutes an epilogue of Bergman's series, widely commented in the early 70s, which was a resume of his eventful marital life. More than thirty years later, the director returns to his characters, tortured by lack of emotional fulfilment and the hell of gender, Johan and Marianne, played again by the same acting duo, Erland Josephson and Liv Ullmann.

Johan is 86 and as a retired university professor he lives in an inherited villa in the woods on the North of Sweden, having broken off relations with other people. The 63-year-old Marianne comes to see him after many years of separation, led by the subconscious longing for the feeling that has never actually died away and the former attachment. Unexpectedly, we meet new dramatis personae: Henryk, son of Johan and his first wife, and Henryk's 18-year-old daughter Karin. The father and the son are involved in a destructive conflict of mutual hatred and at stake in their fight is Karin's future: her father wants to keep the girl close to him after his wife's death and the grandfather wants to send her away to study music.

Bergman's last piece brings yet another configuration of the obsessive motifs of his work: the hell of gender, the phantom of death and reflecting about art.

Tadeusz Szczepański

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