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28th JULY, 19:00
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By the River Nowhere
dir. Andrzej Barański / Poland 1991 / 85’
subtitles: English
Special Screenings


Marek Bukowski, Joanna Trzepiecińska, Adrianna Biedrzyńska, Mirosław Baka, Tomasz Hudziec, Andrzej Mastalerz, Marta Kalmus, Iwona Marciniec, Barbara Połomska, Magdalena Scholl, Małgorzata Wachecka, Jerzy Braszka, Krystyna Feldman

Film description

The screenings are related to the premiere of the book Barański. Przewodnik Krytyki Politycznej. The entire book is an interview devoted to adaptations made by Barański and the literary work at his films. The book's main characters are authors: Czycz, Wojciechowski, Stoberski, Stańczakowa, Siemiński, Kuncewiczowa, Filipowicz, Kozieł, Różewicz, Choromański, Brzuszek, Kotula, Fydrych and Masternak (an exhibition of books by these authors will be held within the festival at the Falanster book-store). Andrzej Barański specialises in films of unconventional dramatism. The director avoids sensational stories and surprising plots. He focuses on what happens 'between events', concentrating with utmost care on every detail. He is fascinated by the countryside and everyday life. We will find the characteristic features of Barański's art in By the River Nowhere, an adaptation of a collection of short stories by Stanisław Czycz. A small town in the countryside, a microcosm of young people on holiday, a film with no sound feature roots. The director himself said that this piece should be measured in centimetres rather than in metres.

Piotr Marecki

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