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ozploitation. Po raz pierwszy postać Barry'ego McKenzie pojawiła się w 1972 r. na kartach prześmiewczego komiksu Barry'ego Humphriesa i Nicholsa Garlanda, łączącego anarchistyczny humor obyczajowy z ostrą drwiną z narodowych stereotypów. W szalonej, przekraczającej często granicę dobrego smaku, filmowej wersji komiksu śledzimy losy niepokornego Australijczyka, który wraz z ciotką odwiedza swingujący Londyn
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The Adventures of Barry McKenzie
dir. Bruce Beresford / Australia 1972 / 114’
subtitles: Polish and English
Midnight Madness: ozploitation


Barry Cocker, Barry Humphries, Spike Milligan, Peter Cook, Paul Bertram

Film description

Barry McKenzie is a typical Aussie - Australian in flesh and bone with his shepherd-style hat, striped suit and yellow socks, with his political incorrectness and frightful frankness. For him all black women are Aborigines, and Englishmen who don't drink beer are a band of buggers. He loves three things - casual sex episodes - although most of them are unsuccessful, his aunt Edna and, above all, Foster - Australian beer he drinks from a well-shaken can.

Barry McKenzie made his first appearance in 1972 in a sneering comic book by Barry Humphries and Nichols Garland, which combined anarchistic humour with a shrewd laugh at national stereotypes. In the frantic film version of the comic book, which goes beyond borders of good taste quite often, we follow the disobedient Australian and his aunt to the swinging London. The film Adventures of Barry McKenzie is the very essence of the Australian ozploitation cinema. Its success encouraged other directors to make generic films and inspired Paul Hogan to create his famous Mikey 'Crocodile' Dundee, the main character of the 80s hit films.

Piotr Kletowski

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