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Argento nie przebije, ale moze byc podobnied zabawnie
~ marla
nocne szaleństwo. może być niezłą jazdą. koleś przykuty do łóż
~ koka
Film z gatunku tych, po których trzeba setke wódki wypic. Koniecznie!
~ Kakceoatl
thriller parapsychologiczny z ;)
~ lovigus
nocne szaleństwo
~ moni-makaroni
Film zaczyna się jak najlepsze dreszczowce Hitchcocka, ale z czasem zaczyna dryfować w kierunku kina Dario Argento
~ Czadzik
i Oscar dla pana przykutego do łóżka za niesamowicie wymowny ścisk szczęk... niekoniecznie...
~ psubrat
nie mój rodzaj humoru
~ ewamkukula
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dir. Richard Franklin / Australia 1978 / 108’
subtitles: Polish and English
Midnight Madness: ozploitation


Robert Thompson, Susan Penhaligon, Robert Hellmann, Rod Mullinar, Walter Pym

Film description

An amazing para-psychological thriller, probably the greatest directing achievement in Franklin's career. The great international success of the ozploitation cinema, prototype of many other para-psychological thrillers, including The Medusa Touch by Jack Gold and The Fury by Brian de Palma.

The film begins with a brutal murder committed by a young, mentally unstable man of his mother and her lover. The shock caused by this murder renders the boy catatonic. Wired to life support devices, he vegetates as a guinea pig used by physicians who look after him. A new nurse in the hospital discovers that Patrick, although entirely immobilised, can affect his surrounding through a telekinetic force. When the bedridden murderer develops a feeling for his guardian, people around her will be in deadly danger.

The film starts like the best thrillers by Hitchcock, but then it drifts into the style of Dario Argento. But - in contrary to the terrifying films by Argento, where logic receded, replaced by bloody aesthetical spontaneity - Franklin keeps the plot very consistent and in the finale he transforms his film into a sort of a transgressive melodrama.

Piotr Kletowski


Courtesy of Antony I. Ginnane. ©1978 Australian International Film Corporation Pty. Ltd.

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