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ozploitation kierowca ciężarówki
~ babsy
Jeden z najwyżej cenionych filmów ozploitation
~ lovigus
jeden z filmów ezploitation przydałoby się zobaczyć, a ten podobno klasyką gatunku
~ ewamkukula
no no, i Jamie Lee Curtis jako autostopowiczka... ;-D
~ psubrat
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dir. Richard Franklin / Australia 1981 / 101’
subtitles: Polish and English
Midnight Madness: ozploitation


Stacy Keach, Jamie Lee Curtis, Marion Edward, Thaddeus Smith, Grant Page

Film description

One of the most appreciated ozploitation films made by Richard Franklin, the 'Australian Alfred Hitchcock'. A suspenseful and unpredictable story about a driver of an eighteen-wheeled truck, who travels the never-ending Australian highways together with his domesticated dingo, guitar and chattering CB radio. Unexpectedly, the main character has to confront a psychopathic killer who murders women with a guitar string and a suspicion that the serial killer is himself. The stake of the title game is the life of a young hitchhiker.

In Franklin's film we will find references to Hitchcock and his European followers, especially Dario Argento (for instance the first, terrifying and yet beautiful scene of a murder). But the most interesting element of Road Games is the masterly use of the Australian landscape, crossed by a network of roads and highways. People who travel the car arteries form a sort of a 'highway community', full of eccentric and sometimes even dangerous figures. The carefully directed film also includes a lot of black humour - the inherent feature of all ozploitation productions.

Piotr Kletowski

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