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Shown in 60 years of WFDiF – set 2 with:
A Hospital, Before the Leaves Fall, Boys And Waves, Family Of Man, People On The Road, The Conductor, The Musicians
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60 years of WFDiF – set 2
subtitles: Polish and English
60 years of WFDiF

Films description

People On The Road

Poland 1960 / 10’

director:Kazimierz Karabasz
production:WFD Warszawa
awards:Venice IDFF 1961 - First Prize, Tours IFF 1961 - Special Jury Prize
language:no dialogue

The inner story of work of a travelling circus.

The Musicians

Poland, null 1960 / 9’

director:Kazimierz Karabasz
production:WFD Warszawa
awards:Venice IDFF 1960 - Grand Prix, San Francisco IFF 1961 - Golden Gate Award, Lipsk IFF 1960 - Grand Prix, Tours IFF 1960 - Special Prize, Oberhausen ISFF 1961 - Grand Prix, Mexico City IFF 1961 - Second Prize, Jury Mention, OFFK Kraków 1961 - Golden Wawel Dragon
language:no dialogue

A masterpiece showing a rehearsal of an amateur wind band of tram-drivers. The film by Karabasz is regarded as a classical work of the Polish documentary school.

Boys And Waves

Poland 1962 / 18’

director:Władysław Ślesicki
production:WFD warszawa
awards:Venice IDFF 1962 - Golden Lion of Sankt Markus, Buenos Aires IFF 1962 - Second Prize, OFFK Kraków 1962 - Golden Wawel Dragon, Golden Duck 1962
language:no dialogue

A film about the growing up of a boy in a village in Augustów Forest. Excellent cinematography presenting the beautiful landscapes with lakes, wood-cutting and the work of flis rafters.

Before the Leaves Fall

Poland 1964 / 28’

director:Władysław Ślesicki
production:WFD warszawa
awards:Bergamo IFF 1964 - First Prize, OFFK Kraków 1964 - Silver hobby-Horse, Cork IFF 1965 - First Prize, Roden IFF 1966 - Audience Award, Guadalajara IFF 1966 - Best Direction Medal
language:no dialogue

A warm fresco about people living somehow outside society, about the Polish Roma who were suddenly forced to give up their lifestyle. The camera followed a Roma camp for almost half a year. The film shows their customs, their nomadic habits and their specific ethics. An image of the nomads' last summer, presented with a lot of liking.

The Conductor

Poland 1965 / 11’

director:Ludwik Perski
awards:La Figueira IFF 1966 - Golden Medal, Buenos Aires AFoAF 1967 - Second Award
language:no dialogue

The conductor Witold Rowicki during a rehearsal of the Threnody to the Victims of Hiroshima by Penderecki played by the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Warsaw.

Family Of Man

Poland 1966 / 24’

director:Władysław Ślesicki
production:WFD warszawa
awards:Venice IFFD 1966 - Golden Lion of Sankt Markus, Montevideo IFF 1967 - First Award, Edinburgh IFF 1967 - Interfilm Award, Cordoba IFF 1968 - Grand Prix Malta's Cross, OFFK Kraków 1966 - Golden Hobby-Horse
language:no dialogue

An austere recording of a single day of a countryside family in Augustów Forest, inspired by the famous photography exhibition Family of Man. The film's rhythm is based on the people's work. Images are accompanied only by natural sounds.

A Hospital

Poland 1977 / 20’

director:Krzysztof Kieślowski
awards:MFF Kraków 1979 - Złoty Smok

An extraordinary account of a 31-hour (more than a day and night) shift of orthopaedic surgeons at a hospital in Warsaw. Instruments fall apart, electricity supply is stopped once and again, the most fundamental materials are lacking - and yet the physicians perform multi-hour surgeries without losing their sense of humour. Although they receive poor salaries for their superhuman efforts, they will return for their next shift, as scheduled.

elaboration: Agata Bratek

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