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Shown in 60 years of WFDiF – set 1 with:
A Souvenir from the Calvary, A Stroll in The Old Town of Warsaw, A Sztandar Młodych Daily, Men Of a Blue Cross, Rewarded Feeling, Strep-tease, The Flood
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60 years of WFDiF – set 1
subtitles: Polish and English
60 years of WFDiF

Films description

The Flood

Poland 1947 / 14’

director:Jerzy Bossak
production:Film Polski
awards:Cannes IFF 1947 - Best Documentary
language:no dialogue

One of the first documentaries made in Poland after WWII. Bossak filmed the flood which affected the war-damaged country in spring 1947. The camera presents huge areas of land covered with water. People are saved from starvation only by air drops and sappers on pontoons.

Men Of a Blue Cross

Poland 1955 / 55’

director:Andrzej Munk
production:WFD Warszawa
sales:S.F. OKO
awards:Venice IFF 1955 - Brown Medal

Winter 1945. Rescue workers of the Tatra Volunteer Emergency Service manage to approach a guerrilla hospital hidden in the mountains and they accomplish an incredible deed, transferring the sick and wounded through two mountain chains, where German troops are stationed.

Rewarded Feeling

Poland 1957 / 8'30’

director:Walerian Borowczyk, Jan Lenica
production:WFD Warszawa
language:no dialogue

A humorous story about the happy love of a shy young man, inspired by works of the amateur painter Płaskociński and techniques of silent films.

A Sztandar Młodych Daily

Poland 1957 / 2'30’

director:Walerian Borowczyk, Jan Lenica
production:WFD Warszawa
language:no dialogue

An animation, described as an experimental film, inviting spectators to read the daily Sztandar Młodych.


Poland 1957 / 1'30’

director:Walerian Borowczyk, Jan Lenica
production:WFD Warszawa
language:no dialogue

A theme of the Polish Newsreel.

A Stroll in The Old Town of Warsaw

Poland 1958 / 18’

director:Andrzej Munk
production:WFD warszawa
awards:Venice IDFF 1959 - First Prize, Oberhausen ISFF 1960 - Grand Prize, Vancouver IFF 1961 - Honourable Mention
language:no dialogue

A semi-feature miniature, based on music using onomatopoeia. A ten-year-old girl with a violin roams through the Old City, discovering for herself and for spectators the beauty of this place.

A Souvenir from the Calvary

Poland 1958 / 14’

director:Jerzy Hoffman, Edward Skórzyński
production:WFD Warszawa
awards:Oberhausen ISFF 1966 - Grand Prix, Florence IEFF 1967 - Special Prize
language:no dialogue

A coverage of a pilgrimage to the Calvary in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska in spring 1958. A recording of the biggest and the most ancient Polish Passion play, performed every year by amateur actors following Christ through the Stations of the Cross.

elaboration: Agata Bratek

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