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wg mnie najlepszy film festiwalu
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moze 28go. dobra muzyka i nawołuje do thoureau
~ ewamkukula
Uwaga! - autorem muzyki jest Eric Enocksson z Farval Falkenberg. Chyba warto zobaczyć...
~ egold
opis słabo szczegółowy, ale może być ciekawie
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Porównania z "Pożegnaniem Falkenberg" nie zachęcają...
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oby nie nazbyt artystyczny
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za mało informacji... ;-D
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NIE, NIE i jeszcze raz NIE. Byłam na tym filmie i o ile przesłanie jest faktycznie interesujące o tyle forma, w jakiej zostało podane, powoduje, że ma się ochotę wyjść, co też wielu widzów uczyniło, w trakcie seansu. Ten film mógłby się ograniczyć do kartki z zapisem warstwy dialogowej, myśli bohatera, ale po co film wtedy?
~ bulbul
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Man tänker sitt
dir. Henrik Hellström, Fredrik Wenzel / Sweden 2009 / 76’
subtitles: Polish and English
New Horizons International Competition


Sebastian Eklund, Jörgen Svensson, Hannes Sandahl, Marek Kostrzewski, Bodil Wessberg, Silas Franceen

Film description

Maladapted, convention-exhausted ordinary people hug trees and plunge in a river. With what is left of their instincts, they search for the only power which distributes rights and opportunities justly.

Burrowing is narrated by a boy who watches the world around him: bizarre neighbours, sports fields, meadows, streets, nearby forests. He would rather throw his mother's souvenir watch away, drink muddy water from the river, be covered with dirt and walk on swamps than sing Happy Birthday at a party with everyone.

The film's motto is a quotation of words by the American philosopher and author, Henry David Thoreau, an anarchist and transcendentalist who rejected civilisation and civil society, leading a contemplative life in a hut on a lake in the woods. Everybody has a right to his own rhythm, to be bored, to wander, to do things which make no sense, which are controversial or risky. One doesn't have to prove anything, to mow loans, to repair, or to meet one's father's expectations. It suffices to live. The film's characters want to smell soil, feel its texture, they want to belong to nature, to the reality without anything resulting from this belonging: no obligations or tasks.

A poignant film with excellent music and beautiful cinematography, utterly devoid of any unnecessary argumentation or decoration.

Paulina Sieniuć

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