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Wow, zapowiada się rewelacyjnie!
~ Querelle
26 nie da rady więc musi być ew 27 Film Costy to czysta fascynacja, hipnotyczne zauroczenie, zapatrzenie i zasłuchanie. Jedynie za pomocą zmysłów, bez zbędnym dodatków.
~ ewamkukula
hmm... ciekawie się zapowiada
~ kasia.adamowicz
Wreszcie cos z długimi ujęciami! :-P
~ trelkovsky
~ kaprysny
długie ujęcia powiadacie... ;D
~ psubrat
Za mało w tym roku długich ujęć.
~ okon
najprawdopodobniej się wybiorę
~ muzka
Hurra! Długie, artystyczne ujęcia:)
~ Kakceoatl
moze byc trudne do przelkniecia
~ ann.jpn
enh długie ujęcia - to chyba jednak sobie odpuszczę, bo wiem czym to moze pachniec
~ marla
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Ne change rien
dir. Pedro Costa / Portugal 2009 / 100’
subtitles: Polish and English
New Horizons International Competition


Jeanne Balibar, Rodolphe Burger, Hervé Loos, Arnaud Dieterlen, Marco de Oliveira, Joel Theux

Film description

Black, white and grey. Darkness and light. Silence and voice. Pedro Costa's film, presented this year at the Cannes festival, operates low-key visual contrasts. Excellently composed, static, long shots, when the camera, left motionless for long minutes, observes the singing actress Jeanne Balibar during recording sessions, rehearsals, concerts. The virtually ascetic frames extract her voice from the darkness of the recording studio. Playing with darkness and light helps the director reveal all shades of Balibar's singing. It is her voice that is the main character here, although the fascination with the voice changes gradually, imperceptibly into a fascination with Jeanne herself. The filmmaker focuses on her, showing her hard work on improving her skills, her struggle against any weakness, everyday tiresome and exhausting rehearsals. The film consists of recorded rehearsals, sessions, concerts - Balibar's struggle with her voice. This modesty in form and substance allows for complete depiction of the artist and musicians, with no unnecessary elements to distract the audience's attention. Figures, shapes, faces, voices come out of the shade. Costa's film is an image of pure fascination, of hypnotic enchantment, fixation of sight and hearing. Only senses, no need for additions.

Monika Kocbuch

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Mike Figgis, creator of Leaving Las Vegas will present his four-screen Timecode at the festival, mixing sound and music live.

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