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27th JULY, 13:00
Helios 4
1st AUGUST, 13:00
Helios 4
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Cheerleader, Diva. Reincarnation, Fassadenconcerto, Il castrato, In Art Dreams Come True, Madonna From Pelago, Nightmare, Summertale, Tribute To Gloria Viagra, Winter's Tale
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The Third Eye – Katarzyna Kozyra
subtitles: Polish and English
The Third Eye

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Katarzyna Kozyra

Since 2003, the artist has been developing the project In Art Dreams Come True, including a series of performances, para-theatrical spectacles, events with audience participation and films. Kozyra is here the director, main actress and the material in the hands of masters who guide her: Gloria Viagra and Maestro who help her take on various roles. Both Gloria - who is for the artist the ideal of 'real femininity' - and Maestro, opera singing teacher Grzegorz Pitułej introduce their student into the world of falsity, conventions and poses. This is also what each artistic incarnation of Kozyra is like - as an opera diva, as a drag queen, as Olympia of Offenbach's tale or as the fairy-tale Snow-White. Katarzyna Kozyra, who graduated from the famous 'kowalnia' was the best-known artist of the critical art trend in the 1990s. She achieved fame and the status of permanent antogonist of the Polish media with her graduation work Animal Pyramid and her image was enhanced by her later works: Olympia, Blood Ties, Punishment and Crime, and Rite of Spring. In 1997 Kozyra received the honourable Paszport Polityki by the weekly Polityka as the most promising Polish artist. As the Polish representative at the 47th Biennale in Venice in 1999 she received the honourable mention for her Men's Bathhouse.

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