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Burn, Secret Life, Secret Machine, Six Apartments, Sugar
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The Third Eye – Reynold Reynolds
subtitles: Polish and English
The Third Eye

Films description


Ireland, USA 2002 / 10’

director:Reynold Reynolds, Patrick Jolley
editing:Reynolds Reynolds
cast:Steve Kondats, Heike Bartels, Ed Norris, Charissa Harrison, Patrick Jolley Melissa Cliver, Reynold Reynolds
producer:Melissa Cliver
production:A Temple Bar Propperties Commission, Creative Capital Project
source of print:Reynold Reynolds
language:no dialogue

The lethargic inhabitants of a burning house seem not to notice the flames which surround them. They do not run, or panic, and do not extinguish the fire. On the contrary: they surrender calmly to the events, continuing their everyday activities in front of the imminent disaster.

Six Apartments

USA 2007 / 12’

director:Reynold Reynolds
screenplay:Patrick Jolley
cinematography:Kenzo Guzman, Carlos A. Lopez
editing:Reynold Reynolds
music:Claudia Neri
cast:Cornelia Brelowski, Norbert Deckert, Michael Arndt Gastaud, Edith Hermann, Johanna Kunig, Wolfram Von Staufenberg
producer:Pierre Düsing, Lina Schuller, Marcela H. Polgar
source of print:Reynold Reynolds

A poetic and melancholic document of decline and deterioration. Six isolated occupants of six different apartments live their lives: eat food, wander between rooms, bathe, watch television, and sleep. Although televisions and radios show reports of disasters, this does not enliven the situation. Whilst it may appear that nothing is happening here, everything is in a state of permanent conversion. The bodies are slowly aging, food is rotting, equipment is rusting. In this constantly eroding reality, death is the only active element of life. Two-screen film.

Secret Life

USA 2008 / 5’

director:Reynold Reynolds
cinematography:Carlos Vasquez
editing:Reynold Reynolds
music:Hannes Strobl
cast:Helga Wretman, Ana Bellido
producer:Anamarie Michnevich
production:European Media Art Festiwal, Videoformes, Contour
source of print:Reynold Reynolds
language:no dialogue

Secret Life is the first work in a three-part series exploring the imperceptible conditions that frame life. In Secret Life, a woman is trapped in an apartment that experiences a collapse of time. She starts to feel the linear passing of time as space and space starts spinning and circling around like the hands of a clock. The woman's inside and her surroundings become one and thoughts escape from her head, growing like plants, overtaking her apartment, which reflect her own chaotic mind.

Secret Machine

USA 2009 / 7’

director:Reynold Reynolds
cinematography:Carlos Vasquez
editing:Reynolds Reynolds
music:Hannes Strobl
cast:Helga Wretman, Ana Bellido
producer:Anamarie Michnevich
production:Reynold Reynolds
source of print:Reynold Reynolds
language:no dialogue

In the middle part of the 'secret trilogy', the Protagonist's body is thoroughly explored and measured with archaic instruments. She is pricked with a needle to check her resistance to pain, it is checked how long she can hold her breath under water and the speed of her movements is verified with a watch. The Antagonist records all the data carefully in a chart, because measurement is knowledge, and human nature fares best when restrained by the discipline of rationalism.


USA 2005 / 45’

director:Reynold Reynolds, Patrick Jolley
screenplay:Patrick Jolley, Reynold Reynolds, Samara Golden
cinematography:Reynold Reynolds, Patrick Jolley
editing:Reynolds Reynolds
music:J.G. Thirlwell, Ectopic Music
cast:Samara Golden
producer:Melissa Cliver
production:Reynold Reynolds
source of print:Reynold Reynolds

They say that before death one's whole life flashes before one's eyes. And in Eastern tradition it is believed that one can see one's agony at the moment of death. Sugar is an attempt to show the unimaginable - reliving one's own death. With the same atmosphere as in Repulsion by Roman Polański or The Time We Killed by Jennifer Reeves, this psychotic internal horror is set in a dream-like, stifling atmosphere. The illogically interconnected, overlapping scenes lead us through the non-Euclidean space from the fridge where the main character finds her dead double, through macabre hallucinations, short flashes of consciousness to a can with the title sugar.

elaboration: Ewa Szabłowska

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