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Long Distance Love
dir. Magnus Gertten, Elin Jönsson / Sweden 2008 / 77’
subtitles: Polish and English
Cinema of Sweden

Film description

She is 17, he is 18. They are married, they are happy, they are expecting a child. The rest of the story is not so joyful any more. Alisher, as every fourth young Kirghiz capable of working, leaves to search for employment in Moscow. He leaves Dildora behind, as the date of her labour is approaching. Their common life, which has hardly started, is exposed to a trial of several thousand kilometres. The camera follows both characters. The creators described their film as a story about love, hope, migration and global injustice. Remaining true to this sequence, the social and political analysis is only slightly visible behind the very unconventional love story. The lovers, who are virtually children in fact, were matched by their parents and their love is actually a sum of two pains of loneliness. They hardly know each other. They are charmingly innocent, but such innocence is easily destroyed, especially in the world they have to live in. The devil who awaits Alisher in Moscow, is a very primitive one, but this is enough to make the first crack. The filmmakers' great achievement is maintaining the extraordinary intimate atmosphere during an undertaking which required some momentum after all - the film is set in two places at the same time and the filmmakers follow their characters during the most astonishing moments.

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