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Annual report, Big Plan, Bitter Melody, Chicken Wings, Chump&Clump, Cocoon Child, Color Contamination, Naiade, Pirogues, Prison Break, The Butterfly Drop, The Finger Trap, The Onion Man, Time off
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european short movies - animations
subtitles: Polish and English
European Short Movies Competition

Films description


Klotz und Klumpen

Germany 2008 / 9'30’

director:Michael Herm, Stephan Sacher
screenplay:Michael Herm, Stephan Sacher
language:no dialogue

Chump and Clump get to know each other at a bus stop. They've just missed the bus and are now waiting for the next one, which unfortunately is only scheduled to arrive a week later. To shorten their wait, they pass the time making use of alcohol and remarkably looking mushrooms.


Ireland 2008 / 6'51’

director:Alice Bohl
screenplay:Alice Bohl

The film uses the special technique of animation to show in a sensitive way how the lives of two couples are affected by borders.

Time off

UK 2008 / 4’

director:Bill Porter
screenplay:Bill Porter
language:no dialogue

Drawn from life and from memories of working in an ice cream cafe in Cornwall, these images form an animated landscape that takes the viewer on a journey through fire and ice cream and micro-dramas between strangers on a sweltering holiday beach.

The Butterfly Drop

La Part du Papillon

Belgium 2008 / 8’

director:Siona Vidakovic, Louise-Marie Colon, Delphine Hermans
screenplay:Siona Vidakovic, Louise-Marie Colon, Delphine Hermans

An animation short made by eight women to invite us to think about our way of life. They interviewed several specialists about overconsumption and its consequences…

The Onion Man

UK 2008 / 9'40’

director:Ross McDowell
screenplay:Ross McDowell

Dark, satirical, tongue in cheek commentary on the ways in which the church prescribes one to deal with grief, bereavement and depression.

Color Contamination

Ireland 2008 / 3’

director:Louise Bagnall
screenplay:Louise Bagnall
language:no dialogue

The story of a business man who is averse to all things colourful. He enters a waiting room filled with colourful plastic chairs and is forced to confront his worst fears.


France 2008 / 12’

director:Nadia Micault, Lorenzo Nanni
screenplay:Nadia Micault, Lorenzo Nanni
language:no dialogue

Ava rules over on a swamp where live fairy creatures. A strange boy secretly observes her flourishing kingdom, trying to figure out a way to save the life of his sick twin brother.

Chicken Wings

Germany 2008 / 5'20’

director:Pauline Kortmann
screenplay:Pauline Kortmann
language:no dialogue

Once upon a time, when the Wild West was still wild, a Cowgirl and a Werewolf travel the hostile land. But something makes them forget the danger around…

Prison Break

Czech Republic 2008 / 4'20’

director:Lenka Zemanová
screenplay:Lenka Zemanová
language:no dialogue

Everyone knows the famous prison escapes. Will our hero manage to escape, though?

Cocoon Child

Germany 2009 / 4'40’

director:Sonja Rohleder
screenplay:Sonja Rohleder
language:no dialogue

Poetic film about the imaginary world of an autistic child and shows a moment when her inner and outer worlds connect.

Annual report

Portugal 2007 / 4’

director:Cristina Braga
screenplay:Cristina Braga
language:no dialogue

Compilation of ideas, an archive of data and personal information. This life catching intends to lean over the consequences of the digital culture, in terms of behaviour, vocabulary, time and space.

Bitter Melody

Melodia amarga

Portugal 2008 / 10’

director:Pedro Moura
screenplay:Pedro Moura
language:no dialogue

A distant relation between a couple of musicians inside the four walls of their home. The music is the only bond between them, but when finally comes the moment to bring them closer, it might be too late.

Big Plan

Grosse Pläne

Switzerland 2008 / 3'59’

director:Irmgard Walthert
screenplay:Irmgard Walthert
language:no dialogue

Despite well developed plans there are some obstacles appearing by constructing an apple automat. But a great idea occurs that should solve the case.

The Finger Trap

Scotland 2008 / 4'34’

director:Julia McLean
screenplay:Julia McLean
language:no dialogue

The elderly but young at heart Wilson Brown becomes stuck in his Chinese finger trap toy whilst preparing an anniversary surprise for his wife.

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