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27th JULY, 19:00
Helios 6
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February 29th, Genghis Khan's Dreams, Kingsland, Lil' Louis from Paris, Social Circles, Sugar Rush, The Toes
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european short movies - fictions 3
subtitles: Polish and English
European Short Movies Competition

Films description

Sugar Rush

La fièvre de sucre

France 2008 / 6'40’

director:Nini Castañeda
screenplay:Nini Castañeda

Mike is trying to get a difficult client to buy his candy. But when the client offers him the candy he's trying to sell, Mike seems frightened. Why is he so scared of the candy?

Lil' Louis from Paris

La boite a pepe

France 2009 / 21’

director:Sami Zitouni
screenplay:Sam Bihel, Sami Zitouni

Paris. Lil' Louis, a homeless man, and Safia - his guardian angel - walk around a miniature world, where destiny is built from humour, tenderness and bitterness. More than a simple story, a tribute to anonymous people.

Social Circles

Scotland 2008 / 14’

director:Andrew Cumming
screenplay:Andrew Cumming

Thrown out of unstable home, fourteen-year-old Cara finds solace with friends, but her erratic behaviour leads to devastating consequences. An uncompromising coming of age drama that explores the cycle of depravation in Scotland's poorest communities.


UK 2008 / 20’

director:Tony Grisoni
screenplay:Tony Grisoni
language:English, Kurdish

A stranger arrives in the city looking for work, love and respect. We travel with him; briefly dipping into other lives, treading a tragically inevitable road that leads him back to the beginning.

February 29th

Italy 2008 / 13'30’

director:Stefano Pari
screenplay:Stefano Pari

A day in the life of an Italian lonely factory worker. When he gets home, he eats up a can of beans, zaps through the TV channels, has a smoke and a drink. Then he sees his guitar hanging there and plays and sings a song by Hank Williams. Beautiful, well acted study of loneliness that ends with a glimmer of hope.

Genghis Khan's Dreams

UK 2008 / 12'20’

director:Danny Winkler
screenplay:Danny Winkler
language:no dialogue

Sculptured as a poetic movement with a desire to catch that dreamy state of breath and to visualize the rhythm of the substance pulsating between the real and unreal. Film like a dream itself.

The Toes

Les doigts de pied

Belgium 2008 / 11’

director:Laurent Denis
screenplay:Laurent Denis

Arthur lives alone in a little room of an old people's home. The rhythm of his days is interrupted solely by the visits of Julie, the nurse. No one else ever comes to visit him. Therefore, when Julie tells him about the visit of Bernard, Arthur gets dressed as for a wedding. But who is this visitor? Is he there for the good of Arthur? And Julie? Is she really a devoted nurse?

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