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dlaczego nikt nie napisał, że muzykę stworzył Aphex Twin? koniecznie...
~ psubrat
w takim razie zmieniam na zielone :D dzięki psubrat!
~ go_go
"Bezbarwne zielone idee wściekle śpią"? ;) Koniecznie.
~ Suspiria156
MUZYKA koniecznie, OBRAZ 31 lub 2 sierp
~ ewamkukula
~ muzka
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Sleep Furiously
dir. Gideon Koppel / Great Britain 2008 / 94’
subtitles: Polish and English
Documentaries / essays

Film description

Boundless, mild landscapes turn into an archetype of idyllic calm, harmonious life, reconciliation with passing days and seasons, among sheep, cows, dogs and stuffed owls. Welsh villages are hidden among green hills, crossed by no highways, only by a narrow local road. John Jones drives it every day in his yellow van - a travelling library. People sink into this landscape, living in an isolated and yet astonishingly open community.

I wanted to make a film that was evocative of Trefeurig rather than about it - the director says. - A film in which moments of intimacy and human gesture became juxtaposed with the infinite space and time of the landscape, in which the 'aboutness' and story would evolve during the making process.

Sleep Furiously allows us to feel the real, undisturbed rhythm of life. Of a passing, perishing life which will never happen again. Because time flows calmly, but, as the title says, it passes furiously. Animals are born, washed clothes dry in the wind, dough is rising. Colours fade away, leaves drop, people grow old and die. Koppel's film is a story about the end of a world, set at the far end of the world, at the end of time and space.

Monika Kocbuch

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The machine which is the main character of the film Flicker, screened within the Films about Art competition, will be presented for a few nights after midnight in a quiet corner at the Arsenal as a spectacular attraction and psychedelic assistance.

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