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dir. Andrew Bujalski / USA 2009 / 100’
subtitles: Polish and English


Tilly Hatcher, Maggie Hatcher, Alex Karpovsky, Katy O'Connor, David Zellner

Film description

Beeswax is a story about two twin sisters. Although the word story may be a bit of an overstatement for this film. Jeannie and Lauren live together. Jeannie has a vintage second hand shop and she has troubles with her business partner. Lauren is changing her job. They both experience love dilemmas, although each has her own way of coping with them. Oh, and one more thing, just to mention it... Jeannie is paralysed and she uses a wheelchair.

Compared by journalists to Rohmer, Cassavetes and Allen, Andrew Bujalski is an old friend. Both his previous films, Funny Ha Ha and Mutual Appreciation were screened at the ENH 2006 festival. Bujalski, called by critics the portrait-painter of his generation, has just crossed the magic line and turned thirty. And it seems he still doing great. In Beeswax we will find everything that was so charming about his earlier films. A lot of roaming around for no purpose, very long chats about nothing important, mumbling to oneself (after all, this is the founder of the American mumblecore). And yet something has really changed. The pathological neurotic style is gone, replaced by a friendly, spontaneous acceptance of everything that happens to us. The result is a beautiful, although modest story about the quite bearable lightness of being, which effortlessly makes us smile.

Ania Lechowicz

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The machine which is the main character of the film Flicker, screened within the Films about Art competition, will be presented for a few nights after midnight in a quiet corner at the Arsenal as a spectacular attraction and psychedelic assistance.

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