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Aston’s Stones, Binkey Can’t Fly, Laban the Little Ghost 2, Poison Arrow Frog
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films for children - set 5
subtitles: Polish and English
Films for children

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Laban the Little Ghost 2

Lilla spöket Laban 2

Sweden 2006 / 22’

director:Lasse Persson, Per Åhlin
screenplay:Lena Ollmark, Jan Vierth, Anders Sparring
animation:Lasse Persson, Alicja Jaworski, Karin Nilsson, Hans Hägerström, Peter Jando, Magnus Hjerpe
music:Magnus Dahlberg
producer:Lars Blomgren
production:PennFilm Studio, Bob Film Sweden AB, Filmlance International AB
source of print:Swedish Film Institute

Three new beautiful animations depicting the adventures of a kind and harmless ghost called Laban.

Who's There?

Laban the ghost and his friend the prince read a book about monsters and strange things start to happen in the castle - somebody destroyed the queen's garden, bit the king's slippers and ate Rufus the dog's dinner. And what if monsters are real? Laban and his friend decide to face them.

Millmina Is Gone

Labolina, Laban's little sister, is very angry today. Her favourite doll, Millimina, is gone! The search starts. The dog Rufus tries to say something, but nobody listens, because they are searching...

Laban and Santa Claus

The little ghost Laban is scared of Santa Claus. No wonder. Santa Claus has a very strange hat, long, scary beard and he speaks in a menacing voice. Everybody is getting ready for Christmas, looking forward to presents but Laban would rather Christmas never came...

Binkey Can’t Fly

Binke kan inte flyga

Sweden 1994 / 15’

director:Ylva Gustavsson, Lennart Gustafsson
screenplay:Lennart Gustafsson
animation:Lennart Gustafsson
music:Ylva Gustavsson
producer:Bengt Forslund, Lisbet Gabrielsson
production:Kanalfilm, Nordisk Film & TV-Fond, Filminsitutets Productionsströdsnämnd, Swedish Film Institute
source of print:Swedish Film Institute
awards:Berlin IFF 1994 - Best Short Film

A classic piece of Swedish animation, awarded at Berlinale in 1994. A moving story full of songs, speaking about friendship, about accepting imperfection and about learning to be self-dependent.

The parents of the little bird Binkey fly off to warmer regions. Binkey would like to fly with them, but there is a small problem - Binkey can't fly. So, he has to stay home and winter in the woods is very dangerous. Nothing is easy for a bird who can't fly and spring is so far away....

Poison Arrow Frog


Sweden 2007 / 9’

director:Johan Hagelbäck
screenplay:Johan Hagelbäck
animation:Johan Hagelbäck
music:Johan Hagelbäck
producer:Johan Hagelbäck
production:Johan Hagelbäck Teckfilm HB, Filminstitutets filmkonsulent Gila Begqvist-Ulfung
source of print:Swedish Film Institute

A wise parable not only for children. It speaks in a subtle way about poisons we eat which make us... poisonous. A dad and his son go to an exotic animals museum. There, they can see octopuses, snakes and other creatures you don't encounter every day. But the most interesting exhibit is a poison arrow frog. When it escapes from its cage, the visitors panic. Only the boy remains calm...

Aston’s Stones

Astons stenar

Sweden 2007 / 9’

director:Lotta Geffenblad, Uzi Geffenblad
screenplay:Lotta Geffenblad, Uzi Geffenblad
animation:Elinor Bergman, Finn Engström, Lotta Geffenblad, Uzi Geffenblad
music:Uzi Geffenblad
producer:Uzi Geffenblad
production:Swedish Film Institute, Filminstitutets filmkonsulent Gila Begqvist-Ulfung, Film i Väst, Film pä Gotland
source of print:Swedish Film Institute
awards:MFF Młodego Widza "Ale Kino" 2007 - Silver Goat, Ottawa IAF 2007 - Honorary Mention, Seatle CFF 2008 - Best Short Animated Film, Bratislava IFoFfC 2008 - Best Film, New York ICFF 2009 - Audience Award

A beautiful animation and a moving story about sympathy, compassion and goodwill. A multiple award-winning film you cannot miss! The little dog called Aston is worried about stones; he thinks they are cold when it rains and snows, that they are lonely and sad,so he takes them home. From this moment, Aston looks after the stones, bathes them, covers with blankets and spends time with them. And when summer comes, he takes them on holiday...

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