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mozna spróbowac. wpisujący się w konwencję filmu młodzieżowego o wakacyjnych przygodach, urósł do rangi politycznego manifestu.
~ ewamkukula
pod rozwagę...
~ psubrat
moze Nieakceptowany przez władze węgierskiej kinematografii, stał się źródłem cenzorskiego skandalu
~ lovigus
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The Whistling Cobble Stone
A sípoló macskakő
dir. Gyula Gazdag / Hungary 1971 / 96’
subtitles: Polish and English
Golden Era of Hungarian Cinema


Zoltán Paulinyi, János Atkári, Lajos Kellery, Jozsef Harmath, Jean-Pierre Faloux

Film description

Four high-school students go to a scouting camp. Here, they find almost military discipline, lessons of pompous patriotism, ideological indoctrination and a long list of what they have to do and must not do. The characters dislike especially the camp manager who controls people's letters, cheats and manipulates. The boys make short trips around the camp, they foment their colleagues, spend a lot of time discussing freedom and democracy, dare make youthful jokes which become a form of ideological opposition. Gradually, they become adults, convinced of their helplessness against the system and yet ever striving for rebellion.

The Whistling Cobblestone, made in the convention of a youth film about holiday adventures, achieved the rank of a political manifesto. Disapproved by Hungarian cinematography authorities, it also caused a censorship scandal. Gazdag's film was in no way similar to trivial stories about teenagers: it expressed the spirit of contestation, of the upcoming rebellion against the communist system - personified here in the authorities of a scouting camp.

Rafał Syska

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