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Do you know Sunday-Monday?
Ismeri a szandi-mandit?
dir. Lívia Gyarmathy / Hungary 1969 / 110’
subtitles: Polish and English
Golden Era of Hungarian Cinema


Edit Soós, Ila Schütz, Margit Dajka, Manyi Kiss, Márta Bakó, Éva Schubert

Film description

Young women arrive at a provincial Hungarian chemistry factory, looking for seasonal employment. Among them there is the 30-year-old Piri, an unashamed single mother of a boy, and the teenager Juli, innocent and still shy in front of men. Working together with attractive women is a pleasure for the factory workers, but a trouble as well - the women's presence distracts them from their work and stimulates competition. Piri wants to profit from the situation. She starts an affair with a local playboy and tries to win over the factory's management. But in reality, Piri, harmed by her alcoholic parents, and abandoned by her lover, experiences yet another disappointment.

Do you know 'Sunday-Monday'? was one of the first Hungarian films addressing problems of women - still in a gentle, sometimes even frivolous form, but against moral conventions. With visual momentum and beautiful colours, Gyarmathy shows the monotony of provincial existence, stressing the contrast of the modern factory and poverty-stricken villages around it, triviality of everyday rituals and typical Hungarian complexes. The director made the film a satire, too, sneering at procedures implemented in the factory and laughing at the communist phraseology, which covered hypocrisy and bungling.

Rafał Syska

Lívia Gyarmathy

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