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Ten Thousand Suns
Tízezer nap
dir. Ferenc Kósa / Hungary 1965 / 110’
subtitles: Polish and English
Golden Era of Hungarian Cinema


Tibor Molnár, Gyöngyi Bürös, János Koltai, János Rajz, János Görbe

Film description

A chronicle of thirty years in a village in Hungary, taking the spectators on a journey through the pre-war times, to the 'goulash communism' era of the 1960s. In the lives of the three main characters: István, his wife Juli, and their friend Bánó - we watch the most important events of the country's dramatic history. The characters meet in the 1930s, when István searches for work in the village and is employed on a rich farmer's property. There he meets Juli, whom he marries, and the communist activist Bánó, who becomes his friend. István does not join the trade union Bánó organises, he also refuses to participate in a strike and he is not enthusiastic about the agricultural reform of the 1940s. Contrary to the ardent Bánó, István is distanced from all ideologies, reflectively watching the world head towards the Stalinist disaster, the 1956 revolution and mass immigration from villages to towns.

After many years of studying history and ethnography, Ferenc Kósa made one of the most beautiful pieces of Hungarian cinema. He managed to combine poetic form, allegoric messages and rich symbolism with almost a para-documentary naturalist style, reproducing precisely all countryside rituals. This is a masterpiece not only because of its epic momentum and historiosophical reflections, but above all due to the visual sophistication and expressive frames.


Ferenc Kósa

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