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DOKUMENT. W nocy z 2 na 3 lipca 1988 r. na wiejskim cmentarzu w Västerbotten zamordowano troje niewinnych ludzi: męża, żonę i ich piętnastoletniego syna. Dlatego powstał ten film.
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Il Capitano
dir. Jan Troell / Sweden, null, Germany 1991 / 110’
subtitles: Polish and English
retrospective: Jan Troell


Antti Reini, Maria Heiskanen, Berto Marklund, Antti Vierikko, Harri Mallenius, Christina Frambäck, Matti Dahlberg, Marjut Dahlström

Film description

The film reconstructed the so-called Åmsele-tragedin, which shocked the Swedish public twenty years ago. In the Northern region of Västerbotten in a town called Åmsele, two young Finns brutally murdered a family of three at the local cemetery. The reason was the previous theft of a bicycle and the father and son's pursuit of the thieves. The savage crime, publicised by the media, inspired Troell to make a film comparable to In Cold Blood by Richard Brooks (1967).

In this seemingly passionless reconstruction of facts, as objective as possible, Troell tried to remain as faithful as possible to the truth available to him or to his vision of the truth. His film is poignantly authentic, because the director helplessly admits the limitations of his knowledge of the event, indicating darkness where crime is born. He seems to say that its ultimate motivations are unknown and we are left only with uncertain conjectures. Il Capitano is ended with a laconic statement: During the night of the 2nd to the 3rd July 1988, at a countryside cemetery in Västerbotten, three innocent people were murdered: a husband, a wife and their fifteen-year-old son. This is why this film was made. The para-documentary narrative refers to the style of police interrogations and crime reconstructions. Its authenticity is enhanced by suggestive performances by excellently selected non-professional Finnish actors.

Tadeusz Szczepański

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