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Guy Maddin
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My Winnipeg
dir. Guy Maddin / Canada 2007 / 80’
subtitles: Polish and English
retrospective: Guy Maddin


Darcy Fehr, Ann Savage, Amy Stewart, Brendan Cade, Wesley Cade, Louis Negin

Film description

Maddin invites us for a journey to Winnipeg, a journey through urban chronicles, through the director's biography and imagination. Maddin's construction of the world of Winnipeg is multi-layered - drawn from fragmented memories, fantasies, and facts. The artist organises a dreamy and dangerous excursion which still leaves plenty of room for absurdity, humour, and irony.

The director himself called My Winnipeg a docu-fantasy about his hometown. Winnipeg is a city-trap, city-body with its mysterious streets-veins, it is a labyrinth and a palimpsest. The narrator longs for it trying to escape from it at the same time. Sometimes Winnipeg is a cruel and sinister monster, sometimes it's a beloved lap, a heart of the continent, a core of the world's secret power.

The mother is also an unwanted and desired power at the same time. The narrator tries to free himself from her influence by staging traumatic moments from his childhood, but he keeps interrupting their seriousness with irony.

But in the film there is also a true pain of agony of places which are mythical for the narrator: Eatons store, former hockey hall, stable. Buried stories of buildings, which are no longer there, are filled with nostalgia. Spirits of the town, Maddin loves and escapes from, are hidden in ruins.

Agata Rosochacka

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