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Helios 6
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Instead of Abracadabra, Slaves, Stig, The First Day, The Fur, Unexpected Company?
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Sweden - short films 1
subtitles: Polish and English
Cinema of Sweden

Films description

Instead of Abracadabra

Istället för abrakadabra

Sweden 2008 / 22’

director:Patrik Eklund
screenplay:Patrik Eklund
source of print:Swedish Film Institute

Tomas is a little bit too old to still be living with his parents, but his dream of becoming a magician leaves him with no other option. Bengt, his father, just wants him to grow up and get a proper job. At dad's birthday party Tomas gives his parents, the birthday guests and the beautiful new neighbour Monica a bizarre magic show.



Sweden 2008 / 15’

director:David Aronowitsch, Hanna Heilborn
screenplay:David Aronowitsch, Hanna Heilborn
source of print:Swedish Film Institute
language:Swedish, English, Dinka

Abouk nine, and Machiek fifteen, like thousands of other children they were taken by government sponsored militia in Sudan and used as slaves. They were later liberated by an organisation headed by James Aguer.

Unexpected Company?

Oväntat besök?

Sweden 2008 / 4’

director:Per Carleson
screenplay:Per Carleson
source of print:Swedish Film Institute

What a wonderful summer evening by the sea! A delicious dinner, a drink on the terrace and the weather gets warmer and warmer.


Sweden 2008 / 17’

director:Tomas Norström, Henrik Gyllenskiöld
screenplay:Tomas Norström
source of print:Swedish Film Institute
language:no dialogue

Stig is a man in his forties. Probably middle-class, works full-time, gets a decent paycheck and drives a nice new car from a well-known Japanese brand. He is married and dresses well without being a snob. He is a normal Swedish man who performs what most people would consider totally irrational actions...

The First Day

Den första dagen

Sweden 2008 / 11’

director:Karolina Jonsson
screenplay:Karolina Jonsson
source of print:Swedish Film Institute

Bertil has to move from his wife and home and spends his first day at a nursing home. He confronts his new environment with a mixture of fear and curiosity, knowing his life will never be the same again.

The Fur


Sweden 2009 / 15’

director:Björne Larson
screenplay:Björne Larson
source of print:Swedish Film Institute

The poor Dr. Henck visits his best friend, the wealthy stockbroker, to borrow some money for a Christmas present to his wife and newborn baby. He gets not only the money, but also his exclusive fur coat. His wife surprises him by making love to him in the pitch black vestibule. Dr. Henck experiences last moment of happiness, until it is revealed that his wife is mistaking him for the owner of the fur coat.

elaboration: Agata Bratek

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